Chiropractic Testimonials

Health Problems Are Gone!

"I came to the Burkholder Chiropractic Centre for my posture, chronic neck and shoulder pain.  It helped me with a lot more than just what I initially came in for.  I have had chronic sore throat, tonsillitis, migraines and kidney infections that I have treated with multiple antibiotics and frequent emergency room visits.  Since starting chiropractic all of these health problems are gone! My advice to new Chiropractic  patients is to keep up with your adjustments.  It definitely has helped me and it works."

- Jessica Ciaraldi

I Was Very Impressed

"I came to Burkholder Chiropractic Centre for an injured neck.  It was causing pain in my head, neck, jaw and vertigo.  I had a vertigo attack that lasted 8 hours that required a visit to  emergency.  I could no longer ride my bike and had reduced my activity so much that I was gaining weight.  I had this problem for 3 years, before my friend (a nurse) referred me to Dr. Burkholder.

Once visiting Dr. Burkholder, I was very impressed with him taking the time to explain what was causing my problem and letting me know how he can help; and he has!

My pain and vertigo is virtually gone. My numbness in my jaw and arm are 99% gone

Give it a try; it is a very gentle procedure."

- Ken T.

So Glad I Went!

"I am 29 years old and for the last 5+ years I suffered a number of different things that never had an answer for the cause. It started when I would be sore at night and started having serious neck pains that lead to me only sleeping on my left side with my neck cradled in my pillow. Even then I had troubles sleeping. This lead to me seeing my family physician, getting x-rays, no answers and directed to my dentist. I had my wisdom teeth removed thinking that was the answer. That barely helped. The pains progressed to my arms and hands causing swelling and numbness. Back to my doctor I went. I was referred to a neurologist who said it must be tendinitis. Eventually I got used to the pains that spread to my legs, but different things worsened such as digestive, breathing, and concentration issues that I had seen my doctor about many times, had many tests and no answers. Then my back started to ache like never before so my mother referred me to her Chiropractor. So glad I went. I learned that these issues could have been directly related to the subluxations I have had in my spine for years. Since seeing Dr. Burkholder on a regular schedule I have had less pain in my hands, arms, neck and legs, been able to take deep comfortable breaths, sleeping better- and oh yeah I’m sleeping on my back comfortably for the first time in 5+ years! Yes there’s soreness from just getting started but beyond worth sticking with the program as the results don’t lie! I haven’t felt wellness like this in what feels like forever. I can’t express how thrilled I am and the respect I now have for the Chiropractic practice."

- Meaghan Guenard

Whenever I Have An Ache Or Pain Dr. Burkholder Is Able to Correct It

"I have the pleasure of being Dr. Burkholder’s patient for many years now. I originally went with a sore shoulder and soon after not only was my shoulder better…but my knees no longer ached after a long day at work. I did ask Dr. Burkholder why that was, he told me that it was because my spine was in alignment! Since then I have been a firm believer in chiropractic care. Little “accidents” happen to the body all the time: lifting something wrong, sleeping in a bad position, over working one muscle or the other…..whenever I have an ache or pain? Dr. Burkholder is able to correct it and not just the back pain, but any joint pain!

He and his receptionist Sandy treat you as a person, not just another patient somewhere. They listen. They care. I would highly encourage anyone who is doubtful in chiropractic care (as I truly was before seeing him), to give him a try!! Dr. Burkholder has kept me healthy for many years….and I hope for many more!"

- Janet Syvret


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